Case Study

Outsourcing Revenue Accounting maximised productivity

The Client’s Story.

Until 2007, the Airline operated the Revenue Accounting internally with 93 employees, working Monday to Saturday with guaranteed overtime, and having a back log of six (6) months’ worth of work.  The impact of this that reporting on revenue generated was not always available, and the company’s bottom line was being impacted.


The SOLUTION provided.

In 2007, Centrecom took over the Revenue Accounting of an Airline client handling 3.2M transactions per annum. Centrecom understood that an integral part of the Airline’s business success was the revenue accounting, and this is why the work carried out entailed providing a tailored solution that would transform the Airline’s business processes and enhance the operational effectiveness.

Upon commencing the Revenue Accounting services, Centrecom began by process mapping all procedures, and identified numerous ways on how to make the service more efficient. By modernising the system and tools that were being used, and re-engineering the processes, Centrecom improved not only the efficiency of the results, but also the quality of the service. Operations were being run smoother, any backlog was cleared out within a matter of months, and the Airline was receiving more timely information.

Today, over 10 years later, the Airline’s operation caters for over 5.4M transactions (that is 69% more than 2007). Centrecom has increased the process productivity by 206% since its inception as a result of trained and efficient staff that provide a professional and cost effective solution giving real and sustainable value to the Airline’s business.

Centrecom’s Service Efficiency Highlights.

  • Re-engineering and documenting all processes undertaken within Revenue Accounting, ensuring procedures are maintained and updated according to the latest IATA regulations;
  • Ensuring that work is carried out timely in order to avoid have any backlog whilst guaranteeing that Service Levels are continuously achieved and exceeded;
  • Engaging in provision of Fare Audit services thereby recovering substantial amounts of otherwise lost revenues;
  • Reducing the period within which the Airline sends its outward billing which in turn helps the Airline to improve its debt collection; and
  • Reducing the overall cost of service to the airline by focusing on a quality service that delivers efficient results; and
  • Building a strong relationship with the Airline, ensuring that any recommendations are immediately highlighted and instigating any changes within the Airline that would lead to more robust practices.           

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