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Over the years, Centrecom’s reputation for its professional services continued to grow, and the company has expanded its operations with offices across the globe. Today, Centrecom has three main offices in Malta, Fiji and Australia, with representations in New Zealand, USA, Jordan, Libya and Morocco.

Our Centres of Excellence are set to serve any brand operating in any geographic location irrespective of the language they use to communicate with their clients; since our offices are strategically positioned to take advantage of the cultural and language resources available in the different countries of operation.

While the Centre of Excellence in Malta targets mostly Europe, North Africa, America and other worldwide destinations, the Centres of Excellence in Fiji and Australia are targeted more towards Australian and Asian/Pacific Clients.

Over the years, we have worked with a large portfolio of clients across various industries namely Airline, Travel, Financial, and Online (e-Commerce and iGaming), as well as the Public Sector and other Government institutions. The knowledge and expertise we have gained from working with these various industries allow us to understand that our clients are unique both in their requirements and objectives, so we create individually tailored solutions.

By understanding your specific needs and wants, we can offer an integrated set of services that support an organisation's unique requirements.

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