Airline Revenue Accounting

Allowing Airlines to obtain fast revenue recovery

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Our expertise in business process outsourcing, and in particular specialised Airline Revenue Accounting, allows our airline partners to focus on their main services while providing a cost-effective solution that will help the Airline obtain fast revenue recovery.

Our unique and focused approach to quality service, places us in the position whereby we have complete confidence in our ability to deliver the best solutions to address the requirements of our clients.  We have successfully taken over the internal revenue accounting departments of a number of airlines, modernising their systems and re-engineering their processes for dramatically improved service and efficiency.  

We ensure that our team is not only proficient to provide a high-level of service, but that training is ongoing to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest Revenue Accounting rules and procedures as laid out in the revenue accounting manual and IATA resolutions.

Our Airline Revenue Accounting Services are aimed at maximizing the business return of airlines worldwide with accurate billing, inbuilt tax/fare validation, process of refunds and timely management of information.  Being conversant with the latest industry rules and IATA regulations, we are able to ensure the highest return and maximise the Airline’s revenue stream; information which helps Airlines in their strategic and operational decision making.

The following are a list of transactions we carry out:

  • Processing of own flown passenger and ancillary coupons;
  • Processing of other airline coupons, taking into consideration the IATA regulations and any Special Prorate Agreements, Code Sharing Agreements etc. that are in place;
  • Billing Other Airline coupons flown on Air Vanuatu’s flights, using the IATA SIS Platform;
  • Processing and verifying Other Airline Billings and raising the necessary rejection billings in case of disputes;
  • Handling of all Rejection Stages including the correspondence stage;
  • Capturing and processing of Agency Debit Memos (ADMs);
  • Capturing and processing of refunds;
  • Fare, tax and commission Audit;
  • Refund Audit; and
  • Flight Packs Control.

Timely and detailed reporting of the above transactions is essential for our airline clients to have a successful and consistent revenue accounting process.  Below are some of the reports we provide to clients early on every month:

  • Reconciliation of Sales/Refunds by Selling Location;
  • Monthly Sales captured, including ticket and ancillary sales;
  • Monthly Flown Revenue Reports;
  • Monthly Overriding Commission Reports;
  • Balancing and Reporting of unutilized Revenue; and
  • Any other Sales/Revenue/Interline Reports that the airline may require.



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