Back Office Services

Handling your back office tasks with a quality service

Companies often fall short of giving their business the attention it needs because their key employees are too busy with administrative tasks. Centrecom has the solution: outsourcing of back office and administration processes.

Many companies, especially small but fast-growing SMEs and start-ups, do not consider Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with the mistaken belief that they will be too costly and inflexible to meet their needs and budgets.  However, Centrecom has addressed this issue by offering a range of BPO solutions that encompass a number of micro-services resulting in a high-quality support service package.

Rather than having their most skilled workers handling the repetitive admin tasks, clients opt to work with Centrecom’s back office team on a shared service basis for reduced cost and improved flexibility. This provides the benefits of a comprehensive and high-quality service with the possibility to grow and scale up as the business demands.  Moreover, it allows companies to better utilise their employees skillset in the right way. Below are some of our servicers:

Data Inputting Services

Efficient data management at low cost and high quality

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Document Management Services

Digitalising and securely storing your hard-copy documents

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Payroll Services

Effective and efficient payroll management

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KYC Services 

Minimizing risks with your customer portfolios

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Training Services

Strengthening your employees’ skills

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