Drawing a line – the fine line between your customers’ needs and your business’ growth

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Drawing a line is always difficult, no matter what it is.  In business, understanding where to draw the line between customers’ needs and those of the business is tricky.


One must keep in mind that customers are the end users of any business’ product/service offering, and can thus be seen as the drivers behind any business’ success and growth.  As a result, businesses often tend to fall victim to customers’ requests or demands simply because they fear it will impact their organisation’s growth and reputation.

Here are some tips on how businesses can be be successful and grow their clientele list as well as ensure that their customers’ needs are addressed:

  1. Define a customer’s request – is it a necessity? How did this request come about? What is lacking for the customer to make such a request? Break down a customer’s request and understand where it is coming from will help you reach back without impacting the bottom line.
  2. Measure the customer’s worth in your organisation – gaining customer loyalty is not about giving in to any request made by your customers, just because your business’ growth relies on your customers. The type of loyalty that drives your business’ success comes from continuous efforts in delivering continuous quality service, listening to your customers’ feedback, and giving feedback back. Customers will continue coming back, and engaging new customers only if you are loyal to them too and understand their share in your success.
  3. Go back to basics – be practical. Did you ever stop and think why big brands and organisations like Coca Cola have remained strong and continued to grow, even though their product is still the same today as it was way back in the 1900s? When you sit down and think it through, most of the times customers do not need flamboyance or something extraordinarily out of this world – what customers need is to be heard; to feel part of the bigger picture; they want to find an open door when they need help or have a suggestion.

Customers engage more customers which means that customers signify a customer’s growth.  It is being ready to listen and understand customers’ needs that makes a business organisation successful.  Customer satisfaction drives loyalty… and happy customers = successful business.

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