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Have you clarified the importance of Customer Service but still struggling in keeping your customers happy?  This week’s blog will give you an insight how to drive and maintain your customers’ satisfaction levels high.


In our first article this month, The Importance of Customer Service, we spoke about how Customer Service speaks volumes because once your customers are satisfied with the service received, they will speak about it to family and friends, and post about it on social media.  But is it enough to just deliver a good service and let the customers do the rest? Unfortunately the journey is not so straightforward.  Delivering an excellent customer service needs to be continuously maintained.


Here are the top three (3) skills we recommend any company should have to drive customer satisfaction and deliver what we like to call a delightful customer journey:

  • Listening skills – someone once said that “listening is often the only thing needed to help someone” (anon). Customers today love talking, chatting, and having a voice – so whether contact is established by phone, or via a written communication channel, customers want to have the opportunity to express themselves, voice their concerns, ask questions.  The number one skill a company should have and maintain is listening!  Listen to what customers like or don’t like, identify their requirements and needs, gauge the customers’ feelings and by doing so understand where your product/service delivers and where it does not.  More importantly, remember that listening to the bad and the ugly is just as, if not more, important to the good things customers say about you – use this skill to increase customers’ engagement and weigh the feedback to focus on strengthening your product/service offering.
  • Embrace feedback as a 2-way opportunity – possess the ability to receive feedback, understand it and be efficient in your response. While it is important the respond in a timely manner, ensure you reply effectively – quality and speed should be equal.  Customers are not only impressed on your fast reply, but they are even more delighted if you reply showing them that you have heard their feedback and evaluated the message before reverting back with your feedback.  Do not be defensive of your product/service, acknowledge any shortfalls and recognize valuable feedback.  Customers become loyal to companies that are transparent, honest and know how to communicate.
  • Be Flexible – the next step to driving customer satisfaction is being able to adapt. This does not mean that a company should put aside its principles/goals, but rather show that it is flexible to adapt to the current customer needs.  While customers can remain the same, the world around us is constantly changing which means that our customers’ needs, and hence the customer journey, must always be kept up-to-date.  Ask customers which channels they want to use and become proficient in those channels. “Customers are growing increasingly more sophisticated in seeking help themselves, with many preferring to look for solutions to their problems on their own before contacting the company. Educate your customers, make your product/service within their reach, and they will be grateful for the information and you will earn awareness and trust.” [1]


Here’s what some of our Customer Service Representatives have said on driving customer satisfaction:

“My priority when taking a customer’s call or replying to an email is the customer’s needs.  Once I stop to listen to the customer, no matter the tone s/he might have started with, my focus shifts to making the customer’s journey as pleasurable as possible.  With a smile on your face, all the rest will come natural!” – Janica, 28 years old mother of two kids, Centrecom CSR since July 2017

“One golden rule – remember that at some point you are the customer so put yourself in the customer’s shoes and deliver a service you would want as a customer” – Jean, 28 years old, Centrecom CSR since Dec 2016

“My key to success is having a passion in helping others, being assertive and supporting customers with all their questions.  This allows me to build a good rapport with our customers, and it is of great satisfaction when the thank you for your service.” Vincienne, 24 years old, Centrecom CSR since July 2017

Centrecom, has been a leader in delivering a delightful journey to its clients and their customers for almost 30 years.  Our goal is not only to help you build and strengthen your customer-centric approach, but also ensuring that this is maintained in achieving a customer journey that stands out no matter the time, no matter the medium!

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[1] http://www.insightsfromanalytics.com/blog/bid/375834/10-Customer-Service-Tips-to-Drive-Customer-Satisfaction [accessed 13th November 2018]

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