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Employees are often the company’s biggest asset especially since they are most often the front-liners of your product and service offering.

Here are some tips on how companies can empower the front-line:

  1. Give Employees a say: Consult with your employees, especially those at the front-line of your operation. They are the ones who have the best know how of your product/service and their feedback is not only valuable but can also be relatable to your customer’s first-hand experience.
  2. Recognize great work: Your front liners, especially those who have been with the company and share a passion for customer satisfaction are more likely to go out of their way to solve complicated customer problems. Make sure these front-liners know that their job is being appreciated.
  3. Invest in development: Ensure that your front-liners have the support they needed, so whether it is giving them new tools to work it, or additional training programs, they are always well-equipped to handle your operation.


Here are some pros and cons about empowering the front-line:


  1. Since the empowered employees would be much closer to the customers to ask questions or address problems directly, then the response time should drop and problem solving is improved.
  2. When the employees work without constant oversight from their boss or supervisor, the employees feel trusted and respected and this improves productivity and profitability from each employee.
  3. Since the front-line employees would have more responsibilities, managers could focus more on the strategies or project planning rather than staying with the employees and handling the day-to-day decisions at the front-line.


  1. While assigning responsibilities can improve productivity and speed to action, at times quality can be replaced with quantity resulting in more mistakes.
  2. If a team of employees lack the experience or talent to complete the work, this can expose the company to many risks, such as poor decision making.
  3. Empowerment without structure can be problematic because if no structure is built, and the risk that boundaries may get broken or employee/employer relationships may get suffer is a high probability.


Front-line employees can help optimize the experience of any business organisation. If you are a company needing front-liners to support in managing your operation, or you yourself like to be part of the action and enjoy working in an environment where you are empowered to grow, get in touch:

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