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Centrecom in Fiji

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Centrecom in Fiji

Our offices in Suva Fiji are strategically located, giving us the ability to have readily available access to educated talented people with customer service in their DNA. Fiji is well known for their customer service and is a popular tourist destination.

The offices occupy an area  close to  1000 square meters, hosts over 150 workstations with modern technologies, and allows us to further enhance our already well-established portfolio of business customers.



Security on Premises

The company, being data driven, has invested heavily to ensure that security of the data, personnel and equipment is given priority. 

Centrecom has high-quality CCTV cameras installed inside and outside the premises to ensure that every corner of the premises is covered 24/7.  The offices are only accessible through access-controlled doors, with employees only having access to the premises during their allocated shift patterns.  

The nature of the business expects Centrecom to work with data that is provided and entrusted to them and various measures are in place to ensure that data is not being used or accessed by unauthorised individuals. All equipment including servers, storage and network infrastructure are located within secure and access controlled server rooms which are only accessible to the ICT team.  Further to this, Centrecom has Business Continuity Policies in place to ensure that the data is securely monitored, controlled and backed up.


Why Fiji ?

The Fiji Islands are located in the hub of the South Pacific and are in similar timezones to Australia and New-Zealand.Fiji offers a competitively priced location and with having access to premium infrastructure and to an educated workforce that is customer driven. 

Fiji makes sense as a base for global outsourcing especially with regards to the Australia and New-Zealand markerts mainly because of :

  • Competitive Labor Costs
  • Natural English Speaking workforce
  • Positive Work Culture
  • Near-shoring - 4 hours from Australia and New Zealand
  • Heavy Investment in infrastructure and Technology
  • Favorable Time Zone
  • Overnight Processing
  • Education Level, 96% literacy rate
  • Premium I.T Infrastructure
  • Daily flights to Australia ,New-Zealand and the USA.



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