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Our team is the result of our success

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Centrecom believes that a key element in the success of the organisation is the team and that is why we believe in nurturing a positive workplace.  Centrecom is a home away for home for our employees, and we build a culture whereby working together divides the work and multiplies the success.


Effective recruitment and selection are central and crucial to the successful functioning of Centrecom and it is important for us to be able to attract and retain staff of the highest calibre.  At Centrecom Recruitment is an ongoing drive that allows us to be on the lookout for the next team member to join our ever-growing family. 

Centrecom deploys a tailored recruitment drive based on the skillset required by our client partners.  We conduct various assessments to vet potential candidates and assess both their skillset particularly in terms of customer service, sales techniques, language skills and any other skill set that may be required for the role, and also how they fit in the company culture.  Centrecom seeks to recruit the best candidates for the job based on merit, free from bias and discrimination.

Employee Retention

Driving a fun and friendly atmosphere is paramount in a place where we reward our team members for their work, recognize their efforts and motivate them to grow.  Moreover, in order to maintain the knowledge base, we focus on maintaining our current staff complement through incentives, and other activities to ensure the team remains motivated.

To ensure quality performance as well as business continuity, Centrecom dedicates specific leaders, mentors and operations specialists to monitor the every-day activity as well as to be readily available to support our employees in the shortest possible time.  Employees across all services and projects are provided with regular coaching sessions, and a performance review session every month.  

In order to maximise team performance, Centrecom enables an open-door communication policy having regular team-meetings, feedback sessions and forums to ensure that the team feels part of the bigger operation.  Furthermore, by creating clear progression paths for each and every employee, team members are motivated to perform better whilst learning new skills and getting exposed to different areas of the business.

Privacy Policy for Individuals applying for a job at Centrecom

Centrecom has a privacy policy in place for individuals applying for a job at any Centrecom office. You may click here to read more about our Recruitment Privacy Policy.

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