Reception and Concierge Services

From information to appointment or reservation bookings

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Our reception services cater for those clients looking for a contact centre to manage their generic enquiries and concierge services.  These services allow us to handle those repetitive first-line enquiries, and go as far as scheduling appointments/meetings on your behalf either on your system, or else even by providing you with access to our own scheduler.  These services are often used by hotels, clinics, restaurants as well as lawyers and notaries who need someone always available to handle their reservations or appointment bookings. 

Moreover, if your business requires you to have hotlines and freephone services available for a short period of time, to support any specific marketing campaigns or mail-shots you may be sending out, our reception services are the best solution for you.  Our reception services not only ensure that your customers are provided with a dedicated channel for their queries in relation to that mail shot/marketing campaign, but you do not have to worry about getting your other customer contact channels clogged up due to a temporary surge in calls that you might be experiencing.

The ultimate aim of our reception/concierge services is to provide you that quality added value that will step up your service delivery, while reducing stress levels on that area of your business handling more technical services.

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