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How much effort do you put in knowing your customer?

Know Your Customer, or what is more commonly referred to as KYC, is the process carried out by companies and organisations to verify the identity of their customers, either before engaging them in their organisation or during the customer's life span with the organisation.  KYC is most common amongst financial and insurance institutions, such as banks, credit companies, and insurance agencies, which would need to verify their customers’ identity and have customers provide other detailed information in order to ensure that these are legitimate and are not involved with corruption, bribery, or money laundering.

Centrecom has the resources in-house to do the necessary checks companies need when it comes to KYC.  Our services are segregated into three:
  • Basic identification checks;
  • Due diligence services; and
  • In-depth document/validation processes.


Basic Identification Checks.

Our basic checks would include validating your customer's basic information, allowing you to gather and validate customer identification information such as name and surname, date of birth, address and identification number. Data would be validated against any proof of documentation you would require such as ID cards, a passport or a driving licence. We can also validate information further, and ask your customers to provide more documents such as proof of address, in order to ensure that the customers you on-board are who they say they are.


Document validation/Application Verification.

Since some companies have a thorough process to on-board customers, we also carry out validation of documents submitted, ensuring that the customer has submitted all the required information to complete the application process. This service can be backed up with customer support, whereby we would reachout to your customer via telephone or email, and follow up on any missing/incomplete information to ensure that the application process is finalised as soon as possible. Ultimately, our KYC services are ongoing, as we also provide monitoring services to ensure stability and minimise any risks that may arise due to a customer's change in status or standings. Ultimately the aim of the ongoing monitoring would be to continuously run a risk-based assessment that would determine the risk value of customers for the company. If you're looking for a reliable service provider, with access to the right tools and expertise to allow you to minimise any risk with your customer portfolio, Centrecom can offer you all this and much more.


Due Diligence.

We understand that your industry might require further due diligence, conducting more detailed risk assessments such as PEP and Sanction checks. These exercises will ensure that the customer is not black-listed due to corruption cases, or suspected for being involved in any criminal case, or classifies as high risk due to participation in money laundering or bribery; and that the customer is not a Politically Exposed Person (PEPs).

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Back Office Services.

Companies often fall short of giving their business the attention it needs because their key employees are too busy with administrative tasks. Centrecom has the solution: outsourcing of back-office and administration processes. Many companies, especially small but fast-growing SMEs and start-ups, do not consider Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with the mistaken belief that it will be too costly and inflexible to meet their needs and budgets. However, Centrecom has addressed this issue by offering a range of BPO solutions that encompass a number of micro-services resulting in a high-quality support service package.

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Contact Centre Services.

Our omni-channel contact centre services are readily available to support your customers around the clock, 365 days a year. At Centrecom we believe in taking a customer-centric approach and that is why the customer is at the very heart of our operations. Irrespective of the contact channel, or the reason a customer is contacting you, we will ensure to become the eyes and ears of your customer to provide you with a holistic insight into the customer journey so that you may increase your customer engagement.

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Specialised Airline Services.

Centrecom’s beginnings are deeply rooted within the Airline and Aviation industry. With its founders having 70+ years’ experience in the Industry, we have worked with many Airlines and Leaders in the field, providing specific airline-related services. We support Airlines with Multi-Lingual and Omni-Channel Contact Centre Services where we manage flight reservations and ticketing on behalf of our partners with exposure to major booking systems such as SABRE, AMADEUS, GALILEO, etc. Through this service, we are able to handle anything from flight reservations, ancillary services, medical requests, corporate bookings, refund applications, and much more.

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