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Centrecom Recertified With Ncpe Equality Mark For Another 3 Years Centrecom News

More than just a symbol: NCPE Equality Mark recertified to Centrecom

The NCPE Equality Mark certifies organisations that value gender equality: prioritising all employees' potential, regardless of gender or caring duties.

Centrecom L-Istrina 2023 Donation Centrecom News

We Support: Centrecom joins L-Istrina's 28th annual edition to raise money for MCCF

Our company's values are not limited to just our employees. To conclude a successful 2023, we participated in the 12-hour...

Csr - Association For Abandoned Animals Centrecom News

Supporting the Association for Abandoned Animals: A CSR Event That Leaves a Lasting Genuine Impact

In a heartwarming display of corporate social responsibility (CSR), Centrecom recently organized an event dedicated to supporting a local Animal...

Iso 27001 Certification Blog Image Centrecom News

Ensuring Data Security: ISO 27001 Certification in Centrecom’s books!

Data security is of paramount importance, especially when it comes to customer services. Businesses must take every measure to protect...

Centrecom Donates - Blog Image Centrecom News

Lending a Helping Hand to Society: Centrecom donates to ALS and the Maltese Ursuline Sisters of St. Angela Merici

One of our core values is to support: be it within the team or outside of our organisation, we strive...

Pci Dss Certified Centrecom News

Dedicated to protect: Centrecom is now PCI DSS certification holder!

The PCI Data Security Standard (shortened to PCI DSS) applies to all entities that store, process, and/or transmit cardholder data....

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Customer Experience.

Get an inside look to our view on CX

7 Crucial Skills Every Call Centre Agent Should Excel In Customer Experience

7 Crucial Skills Every Call Centre Agent Should Excel In

Here are seven skills that every call centre agent should master with adequate training, thus ensuring optimal customer experiences.

The Magic Of Personalisation In Customer Care Customer Experience

The Magic of Personalisation in Customer Care

In today's competitive business environment, providing top-notch customer care is more important than ever. Customers have high expectations, and they...

Empathy Blog Image - Here To Listen, Here To Help. Customer Experience

3 Best Ways You Can Express Empathy and Understanding While Working in Customer Service!

Working in the customer service industry is an experience like no other – you get to meet and speak to...

Understanding The Power Of One Customer Experience

Does Your Team Know About the Power of One?

Woman Talking On Phone - Cx Blog Image Customer Experience

Here’s How You Can Take CX to the Next Level with Great Customer Service!

Omnichannel: Man On Phone And Woman On Laptop Customer Experience

The omnichannel solution you deserve! Do you prefer to call or chat?

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Employee Retention.

What #centrecomlife is all about

Time Management 101: The Lazy Person'S Guide To Getting Stuff Done Employee Retention

Time Management 101: The Lazy Person's Guide to Getting Stuff Done

Discover lazy-friendly time management tips! From lists to breaks, learn how to get stuff done efficiently while embracing your inner...

4 Powerful Employee Engagement Strategies In Retention Employee Retention

4 Powerful Employee Engagement Strategies in Retention

Employee engagement goes beyond simple job satisfaction, beyond compensation and benefits. A balanced approach to work and fun is recognized...

Understanding And Managing Burnout In The Call Centre Environment Employee Retention

5 Effective Strategies to Manage Burnout in a Call Centre Environment

One of the most significant challenges faced by call centre employees is burnout. The constant pressure to meet targets, handle...

Mastering Soft Skills: The Key To Exceptional Customer Service Employee Retention

Mastering Soft Skills: The Key to Exceptional Customer Service

Technology and automation are transforming industries, yet one aspect remains timeless and irreplaceable: exceptional customer service.

Interviewer And Candidate Reviewing Cv - Blog Image Employee Retention

What makes us swipe right on your CV? 4 quick tips to perfecting your resumé.

Embarking on the journey of job hunting often feels like playing a game of chance, where the outcome hinges on...

Contact Centre How To Guide Employee Retention

Working at a Contact Centre – A ‘How to’ Guide

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Outsourcing Services.

Understanding and reaping the benefits from BPO

Ai'S 4 Benefits To Revolutionise And Modernise Contact Centres' Success Outsourcing Services

AI’s 4 Benefits To Revolutionise and Modernise Contact Centres’ Success

Artificial intelligence (AI) serves to fulfill various roles within contact centres by performing routine tasks, by assisting agents with their...

What Does The Chatgpt Think About Ai-Human Collaboration? Outsourcing Services

What Does The Great ChatGPT Think About AI-Human Collaboration?

AI and ChatGPT have been the talk of the town, and with good reason. AI can help companies achieve great...

Social Media Listening Blog Image - Woman Holding Phone In Hand Outsourcing Services

Social Media Listening: 1 Great Way On How Your Business Can Grow

Customer Reactivation Blog Image. Female Holding Shopping Bags. Outsourcing Services

Why you REALLY need a Customer Reactivation Strategy

Three Colleagues Working On Document Management Outsourcing Services

Look No Further! 5 Reasons Why We’re The Document Management System You Need!

Airline Revenue Accounting Blog Image - Passenger Plane During The Night Outsourcing Services

A Simple Solution for Airline Revenue Accounting: What sets Centrecom apart?

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