The technological world is constantly evolving, with new advancements and discoveries coming from all over the world.


The first telephone was invented in 1876, and this was the first step toward customer service as we know it today! People didn’t have to write letters to the company or go there physically if they had a question or complaint; they could simply pick up the phone and talk to one of the representatives. In this modern time, even going in person to the company or sending an email is becoming difficult, as we have grown accustomed to new customer service channels which have facilitated our way of life. The 90s were a game-changer for communication with the internet making everything, even communication, more available, and more immediate.


Customer service has gone from direct contact to a more distant relationship between the company and its customers; however, the modes of communication have become much simpler, much more broad with the introduction of omnichannel services. Yet, the question remains, which mode of communication do you prefer? Do you prefer to speak directly with a representative, or send a message and await a reply?


While using the telephone does have its perks, such as easier to address difficult and/or lengthy queries, familiarity with the phone, and privacy, one cannot not mention how live chats have made communication more immediate, more accessible, and more efficient.



Here are some of the benefits we like to share with our clients assessing the use of live chat for their customer service:


  1. Accessability

Customers view live chats as an option that is always there to assist them, that there is another person waiting to answer their chat as soon as it is sent. This also makes it easier for customers to get in touch with businesses, since their reply is only a click away.


  1. Customers hate waiting

Customers hate waiting for someone to pick up the phone, and they hate when they’re put on hold to listen to that classical music or repetitive tone while getting through customer service or while the customer service agent finds the answer to their question. Chats reduce wait time for customers and are more efficient for businesses. Why? With calls, agents can only answer one call at a time, making the wait time longer but with live chats, agents can answer to more than one person at a time, while delivering the same service.


  1. Customer Convenience

Some customers prefer to discuss their queries over chat as they feel that the mode of communication is easier for them. Instant messaging is becoming the preferred chosen method for most generations.  Moreover, live chats are also beneficial for people who are hard of hearing. Chats are convenient – you get to send a message and get a reply almost instantaneously.
If your business is still undecisive on whether to replace telephone with chat, we recommend you opt for an omnichannel customer service provider like Centrecom who will allow you to provide you with all the channels your different customers prefer.

As an omnichannel contact centre, we understand that your customers may not all agree on which channel to use – so why eliminate one channel for another, or not integrate a new one fearing you might lose some of your most valued customers? Centrecom provides high-quality customer service through phone calls and live chats, but even through emails and chatbots that can answer messages 24/7! When outsourcing with Centrecom, your business will be benefitting from our omnichannel service, giving your customers not only the choice of channel but the reassurance that no matter which channel they prefer, you will always be there to listen!


If you want to provide the best possible service for your customers, outsource your customer service to Centrecom today by getting in touch with us.

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