AI (artificial intelligence) serves a multitude of functions within contact centres, playing a pivotal role in streamlining operations and enhancing customer interactions. Among its many capabilities, A.I. effectively automates repetitive tasks, provides responsive live chat services through virtual agents or chatbots to promptly address customer inquiries, enables the creation of personalised experiences for customers, and delivers predictive analytics to meet customer needs. These functions collectively contribute to the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall success of contact centre operations.

AI for Enhancing Agent Engagement and Productivity

One major insight of A.I. capabilities is the alleviation of pressure on contact centre staff, leading to heightened employee satisfaction. A.I. assists in handling repetitive, mechanical tasks such as collecting names, phone numbers, and interaction summaries. Consequently, contact centre employees can assume more impactful roles, further enhancing their satisfaction.

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Employee satisfaction plays a crucial role in fostering positive interactions between customer service representatives and customers, thereby contributing to a more streamline and productive work environment. In such an environment, employees feel a sense of recognition and appreciation for their individual contributions and efforts. This not only boosts morale but also instils a sense of fulfilment in employees, as they perceive themselves as valued members of the team. Consequently, this sense of fulfilment translates into job satisfaction, resulting in a happier and more efficient workplace where employees are motivated to perform at their best.



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The Introduction of AI to Modernise Contact Centres

Leveraging A.I. in the contact center can dramatically increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty and generate a significant impact on revenue. Customers will likely avoid a company if the website is too difficult to navigate and they tend to avoid companies if they’ve had a bad customer experience. 

Utilizing artificial intelligence in the contact centre has the potential to increase and enhance customer satisfaction, foster brand loyalty, and generate a substantial impact on revenue. Customers are inclined to steer clear of companies with overly complex websites and are prone to avoiding businesses following negative customer experiences. Benefits of using A.I. in contact centres include:

  • Automated Call Centre Quality Monitoring:
    Instead of having humans monitor a limited number of calls, such tools can analyse all calls, allowing businesses to gain a more comprehensive understanding of both agent performance and customer experience.
  • Reduction in Customer Response Time:
    Chatbots can cut down on customer hold time by handling basic tasks such as bill payments or password resets, eliminating the need for human assistance and shortening repsonse times.
  • Round-the-Clock Accessibility:
    Even in the absence of human agents, chatbots are capable of offering assistance at a time that suits the customer's convenience.
  • Increase Agent Efficiency:
    Chatbots allow call centre agents to focus on more intricate tasks, while A.I, including predictive analytics, offers real-time recommendations and optimal next steps to support employees in their roles.


Case Study

Case Study

A global software company acts as an example of a successful case of making use of A.I. tools to improve customer experience. Starting in 2018, the company adopted artificial intelligence to handle customer complaints, aiming to resolve cases without human intervention. Customers submitted their issues through various channels, and A.I. utilized natural language understanding to analyse their complaints, enabling computers to comprehend commands without the use for technical language.

Eventually, the software assigns a probability score to determine if an A.I.-driven virtual assistant can address the complaint successfully.

The business metric results were indeed successful. Customer satisfaction saw an 11% improvement, achieving a success rate of 90%, while there was a 25% decrease in support staff required to manage customer complaints, with A.I. resolving over 30% of the total.

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