As a strong believer in the power of brands, one of our company's objectives for 2021, was to become a registered trademark.  As of the 12th May 2021, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has recognised Centrecom as a Trademark.

The Certificate of Registration has been issued for the following entries and recorded in the Register of European Union Trademarks:

  • 35 - Outsourcing services [business assistance]; Outsourcing services in the field of business operations; Management of telephone call centers for others; Data inputting services; Data management; Data entry and data processing; Data processing; Compilation of data; Collection of data; Presentation of companies on the Internet and other media; Providing business information in the field of social media; Payroll preparation; Payroll assistance; Wage payroll preparation; Administration of business payroll for others; Preparation of payrolls [for others]; Payroll processing services [for others]; Data processing services in the field of payroll; Business representative services; Sales promotion for others.

  • 38 - Provision of email services; Electronic mail, message sending; Electronic transmission of mail and messages; Electronic mail and messaging services; Collection and delivery of messages by electronic mail; Electronic mailing services; Electronic mail services; Communication by electronic mail systems; Message sending via a website; Providing voice chat services; E-mail services; Providing e-mail services.

  • 39 - Travel information about disruptions due to adverse weather conditions; Reservation services for airline travel; Airline ticket reservation services.

  • 41 - Training services; Provision of training.

  • 42 - Digitization of documents.

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