In an interview with Martin Vella, from the Malta Independent, Robert Spiteri, General Manager for Centrecom, speaks about how the Company takes a Customer-Centric approach in everything that it does.


How do you describe CENTRECOM’s business today and how do you define the CENTRECOM advantage?

Today, Centrecom offers its clients and partners, and their customers with an added value service.  This is primarily defined by the fact that we are not just a Business Process Outsourcing provider, but irrespective of the service offering, whether its Call Centre Services, Back Office functions, Document Management Services, or Airline Representation (GSAs) and Revenue Accounting, we ensure that a partnership is built with all our clients by providing them with efficient and effective results, backed up by innovative solutions and rewarding recommendations.  This entire package is what makes CENTRECOM and it is what defines us from other Business Process Outsourcers.


How important is innovation at CENTRECOM and where is innovation taking place for the company?

Innovation is a key factor in our strategy – it allows us to attract new businesses, strengthens our current contracts with our clients, and most importantly innovation contributes to our economic growth.  For 2019, the company is planning to innovate both in terms of technology as well as its service portfolio.  As we hold vast knowledge across the different sectors, we are currently planning to establish our own Training Academy which will allow us to not only train externally but also ensure that the training we deliver is qualified and accredited.


From a Technology point of view, we have just invested in a new Call Centre Platform which allows us to cater for any contact made between our Clients’ customers and our Customer Service Agents (CSAs), irrespective of the contact channel, to be handled through one system – this will the ensure that message is delivered in a consistent and balanced approach across the inter-linked channels, and the customer is then provided with the same message in the channel they choose. This boosts the feel of familiarity with the brand, builds a healthy rapport with the customers, and allows for a more detailed and accurate analysis of the performance across all channels.


Another plan which is in the pipeline for 2019 is embracing the new innovative technology of Artificial Intelligence, robotics and Chatbots – this will not only ensure we are one step ahead, but will also broaden our service offering.


Where do you see the greatest opportunities for growth for CENTRECOM?

The greatest opportunities currently lie in the new emerging industry which is the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industry.  With the evolvement of the Blockchain and Crypto industries, we understand that most companies will be setting up shop in Malta and taking advantage of the regulatory framework that the Maltese Government is creating together with the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA).  Following this process, companies will be looking at setting up and managing their operations, and this is where Centrecom comes in.  We believe that with our expertise in B2B and B2C Customer support, we can help businesses in this industry to strengthen their brand and customer service further.


How do you define CENTRECOM’s target market?

As a Business Process Outsourcer, we do not take on whatever comes in our way – on the other hand we are very selective in choosing clients that we can build a partnership with.  While the size of the project or the industry is not a determining factor, we target those companies that are looking to outsource part of their operation because they want to achieve our same goal – that is of delivering an efficient service to customers that it always abreast of the latest technologies and industry requirements.


CENTRECOM has made great strides under your leadership. Do you take time to reflect and celebrate the wins (tell us about your latest award recognition) or are you always looking at what is next?

A key Ingredient for a successful business is teamwork and in fact we invest a lot in our team.   Over the past several years, our organization made great strides, earning a reputation for innovation and excellence in the customer care outsourcing industry thanks to the dedication, commitment and experienced skillset of our team.  At Centrecom we strongly believe that the team will function better and will achieve more success in their work, if we work together.  Lately we have been recognized by Malta’s Best in Business Awards for having the Best Product and Customer Service.  This award is the result of our team’s dedication in making Centrecom a success story. Our goal is to provide our Clients with a unique service: by merging together the Clients’ passion and energy in the field, together with our passion for Customer Service, we are able to deliver the Best Product and Customer Service Offering.   Such awards and recognitions are beneficial to motivate our team.   But it doesn’t stop here….we are constantly exploring avenues on how we can improve our service delivery both to our clients and most importantly their customers.

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