Over the past few months, Centrecom has been working to standardize its service quality to further enhance the commitment it has with all its clients to deliver service excellence.

By implementing a Quality Management System, Centrecom aims to continuously improve its service offering both to its clients, and their customers.  As an ISO 9001:2015 ISO certified company, Centrecom has established quality objectives in line with its mission; quality objectives that are adopted in every aspect of the business:


  • Centrecom understands that every brand is unique and a personal approach is applied to each and every one of its clients, no matter how big or small.  By gauging these individual client requirements, Centrecom executes a detailed plan to deliver and exceed client expectations.   The planning is ongoing to ensure that the quality of the service delivered to the clients is not only continuous but strengthened by time and experience. 

  • Centrecom has a strong quality assurance regime that ensures an excellent level of service is delivered across the board, irrespective of the service or project. 

  • Centrecom provides access to specialized skill sets, resources and processes that help maximize the experience for our clients and customers, we not only ensure to exceed agreed Service Levels, but we also provide extensive data and insight to the business in order to provide our clients with an added value and quality-driven service

  • Centrecom invests heavily in its employees’ ensuring they are well-trained and have the necessary tools and support to deliver an excellent and efficient service.

  • Our unique and focused approach to quality service places us in the position whereby we have complete confidence in our ability to deliver the best solutions to address the requirements of our clients and their customers.


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