Picture this: you phone a company regarding a pressing matter, and after several minutes of waiting, someone answers your call. You feel relieved that you will be able to speak with a company representative and get the matter sorted.  
But things don’t go the way you hoped they’d go. The agent is rude, doesn’t give you solutions to your queries, and leaves you on hold for an extended period of time while they supposedly check for a solution.  
You end up spending roughly one hour on the phone with the representative, trying to explain the problem and hoping that a solution could be reached, but you’re left feeling frustrated with no solution.  
Now, that doesn’t sound like the kind of customer experience you want to go through, do you? So, if you don’t want to encounter such a service, make sure your customers don’t either. 



  • Train, train, and train your employees  
We cannot emphasize how critical it is to properly train your employees. Whenever a new recruit joins our team at Centrecom or someone switches departments, we ensure that they receive the necessary training.  
Our training sessions are overseen and designed by our training coordinators, who plan each one based on the goals that need to be met.  
  • Give employees materials to guide them

It's unlikely that your employees will remember everything that was said during the training session, especially certain procedures and regulations, which is why, it’s important to provide them with manuals and guidelines that they can use on a daily basis. By doing so, you eliminate any errors or incorrect information given out by your agents. 


  • Be there for them
Everyone needs extra help from time to time, especially in the face of a problem. At Centrecom, we make sure to always help our team whenever needed. Our team leaders are always present to help out any agent who might encounter a difficulty, ensuring that the problem is solved and the client is left satisfied. 
These steps will ensure that your agents won’t be anything like that hypothetical person in our earlier scenario, and your customers will be left satisfied. 


CX Blog Image - Team Leader helping call agent

Furthermore, Centrecom is able to assist your company in more ways than one when it comes to delivering an excellent service. Our training services are not limited to Centrecom employees only, but our services extend outwards as well. 

Your company can benefit from our training sessions by contacting us at info@centrecom.eu and letting us know what kind of training service you are after. Our training coordinators will design sessions according to your needs. What’s more, should you not have the facilities to host the sessions within your company, Centrecom has fully equipped training rooms which you are able to host the sessions in!

The key to excellent customer service starts at Centrecom! Contact us today! 

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