One of the first steps in building a Customer Centric Strategy is looking at the Customer Journey – here is the what, how, why and when.


The Customer Journey is a 360° holistic view which brings together any experience that your customer has had with your product and service offering.  Being that the journey is circular, it has no end, it is ongoing.


We believe that the Customer Journey should be approached with a list of questions, to which companies should be continuously striving to ask, answer and analyse.  Let’s have a look at the FOUR questions that we should continuously be asking and analyzing when approaching the Customer Journey:

WHAT is the Customer Journey?

Start by asking who your customer is? Look at your best and worst customers.

HOW is the Customer Journey defined?

What experience do you want to deliver to your customers? Is this being achieved? If yes, how? If no, why?

WHY should we analyse the Customer Journey?

Understand how important is the Customer to your product and service offering Look at the benefits and challenges that may come along this journey

WHEN is the best time to have a look at the Customer Journey?

The journey is ongoing – you should not be aiming to reach the end of the finish line, because there is no finish line!

If you are continuously asking, answering and analyzing these four (4) questions, you would be taking an effective approach to the Customer Journey that clearly:.

  • Defines customer experience;
  • Engages the touchpoints and key stakeholders that will impact the customer journey;
  • Monitors the experience;
  • Manages customer behaviour to deliver an innovative and open channel that will continuously drive change.

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