The Recruitment industry has evolved over the past 20 years, both from an employer’s point of view, as well as from candidates at interview stage. At the back of this change, is the introduction of new technologies, which has not only changed the way companies recruit, but also the way human beings, whether they be employers or interviewees, communicate. We sat down with Natalie, Cynthia and Whitney, our Recruitment gurus here at Centrecom to discuss the challenges that come along with recruitment. Not only have they come up with some good tips to overcome these challenges as employers, but they have also passed on some good advice on how candidates can ace that interview!

What are the three (3) main challenges of recruitment?

We believe it’s all about getting it RIGHT! How? The 3 main challenges are: Identifying the right candidates Getting the timing right – time-management in any recruitment drive, particularly in the outsourcing industry like ours, is key; and Retaining the right employees at the back of recruitment. In today’s world, where the majority of the workforce are Millenials (Gen Y) and Generation Z, it is all about how to face the ‘loyalty challenge’ of these generations, keeping them engaged and motivated.

Do you have any tricks of the trade that you can share?

Look beyond the traditional recruitment channels to attract new candidates – use all forms of communication, and keep up with the trends that candidates use on a day to day; Make adverts clear and easily understood – this will save a lot of time from screening of CVs; and Create a brand about your company as an Employer – make others out there know about you not only as a service provider, but advertise your reputation as an employer.

What recommendations would you give candidates attending an Interview?

  • Research – Prepare yourself for the interview and get to know the company you are applying with, before the interview;

  • Honesty – Be honest when answering questions related to your professional experience and your qualifications but do not overdo it. Then again, when asked questions about your personal and social life, one should be cautious with the answers; and

  • Listen – sometimes candidates either lack confidence and are anxious, or else they are overzealous asking too many questions – make sure you listen out to what the interviewer has to say, and don’t worry, there will be time to ask questions!

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