Airline revenue accounting is a uniquely complex process that involves the recording, managing, and reporting of passenger revenue. While it is an important aspect for every airline, the task itself is lengthy and needs to be done with great accuracy and precision.


At Centrecom, we understand the importance of carrying out every transaction with a degree of precision. Moreover, our team not only has the background experience needed to provide a quality service, they also attend regular training sessions to ensure they are kept updated with the latest revenue accounting rules and procedures as laid out in the revenue accounting manual and IATA resolutions.



What sets Centrecom apart from other companies?

  • We would ensure a robust and seamless transition which will help you benefit in cost and improve efficiency.

  • We have experienced resources that are well versed with knowledge of IATA rules and have a good understanding of MPA rules and handling of many different types of SPAs.

  • We will re-engineer your current 'AS IS' process to have a streamlined 'TO BE' process.

  • Airline's main objective is to protect their revenue, outsourcing your RA services to Centrecom will help the airline in identifying revenue leakages.

  • We will be performing accurate & timely interline billing.

  • We scaled up our operations and diligently / promptly processed refund applications; there was a surge of more than 350% in refund applications.

  • We ensure data security and you can quote the ISO certification


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