GSA Service and Airport Office Management

Supporting our airline clients at points of sale globally

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Our sister company, Aviation Online, offers General Sales Agency (GSA) Services as well as Airport Sales and Ticketing Office Management Services, that enable us to have our airline partners covered at different points of sale around the world.

General Sales Agency (GSA) Services

We have become the customer interface for various legacy world-renowned airlines, offering sales, marketing, ticketing and travel advisory services for both local and overseas markets. As a leading General Sales Agency, with almost 70 years’ experience in the industry, the company represents some of the most prominent international airlines with the aim of strengthening each of our partners’ presence in the various markets by selling their flights, and promoting their routes, services and products.

Our offices, strategically located around the world to access global markets (Malta, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, Morocco, Libya and Jordan), offer a turnkey solution through a dynamic and experienced team and through its expertise and knowledge of the Industry and of the surrounding market.  However, we do believe that a go-to market approach is the most effective method to reach out to the travel market and that is why our team travels weekly around the different areas of representation holding meetings, and attending trade conferences to maintain presence on the ground.

We leverage our market knowledge and in depth knowledge of the different travel markets to build a specialised and focused approached based on the different markets to build a strategic sales and marketing plan that will both promote the airline and generate additional business and revenue.  Our aim is to also support the airline with giving the necessary help with selling and ticketing of packages, as well as sharing of best practices with the travel trade around the areas of representation.  In this respect we create the most effective allegiances by strategically identifying the tour operators and travel agents with the best potential as Preferred Sales Agents throughout the territories, and building lasting relationships that will benefit all parties.  Our extensive list of contacts and our reputation over the past 30 years are testament to the strong relations and trust we have built with this industry and we believe this is an asset to any airline clients we onboard.

Airport Sales and Ticketing Office Management

Aviation Online also proudly represents airline clients by managing their Sales and Ticketing Office at the airport terminals.  Our professional team of Travel and Customer Service Advisors become the airline's front liners, greeting and assisting any walk-in customers enquiring after flight reservations, changes and other enquiries related to the airline's products and services.  

Should disruptions occur to the flight schedule, or customers require to make any changes to their reservations, our team is fully-equipped and knowledgable to handle any re-booking or re-issuance of flight tickets as required, whether the request is voluntary (as requested by customers) or involuntarily (effected by flight irregularities).  Our Airport supervisor will monitor the every-day activity to ensure that the Airport Office is well-managed and maintained according to the Airline’s brand guidelines, supporting the advisors with any ad-hoc queries to solve issues in a timely manner.

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