Essential Outsourcing tips for better decision making.

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Are you a business owner or manager and you are considering outsourcing part of your business processes?  You might be wondering that there are some huge risks involved – let’s face it, the first thing that comes to mind is that you will be placing the future of your business into the hands of a stranger.

Well here at Centrecom, put your mind at rest when outsourcing to us.  Here are some tips you should follow:

  1. Outsource the right activities: The most important question to ask yourself when outsourcing is which activity you are going to outsource! Increase in demand doesn’t always mean outsourcing is the answer.
  2. Choose the right help: It will take some time to select the best vendor for your company’s needs so that is why you should go for a Business Process Partner like Centrecom who specializes in your company’s needs!
  3. Interview carefully: When outsourcing, the majority of the time you will be monitoring them at a distance. The interview process is your opportunity to really get to know your outsourcer – build an honest relationship from the start: point out any red flags, and positive attributes; you are after all getting into a marriage agreement with your business partner.
  4. Take your time: You don’t want to fly through the transition process. Centrecom has the reputation of building successful partnership by using its expertise in the transition process and taking a phased approach
  5. Set clear objectives: It’s important to keep lines of communication open, especially when it relates to your goals and expectations. You must clearly communicate exactly what you need and provide your vendor or employees with a description of their roles.

Needing help to outsource your business in key areas? You’re looking for that peace of mind when outsourcing? Centrecom has got you covered! Ready to talk? Get in touch!

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