Industries we have worked with

Our experience and our tailored solutions allow us to assist companies and organisations irrespective of the size or the industry

With thirty years of experience in the outsourcing industry, Centrecom has worked with clients in various industries offering contact centre services solutions; back office services; as well as specialised airline services.   The experience gained from working with different industries allows us to offer customised B2B and B2C solutions that suit clients' industry needs.  Therefore, no matter the industry, or the size of the client's company, our aim is to provide all our clients with a tailored quality service.

Airline & Travel

Since 1989, the airline industry has been at the heart of our operations, as well as close to the heart of our shareholders. Today, Centrecom offers a 360 degrees service to our airline clients, from contact centre services, to handling of flight reservations and ticketing along with management of revenue accounting and representing the airlines with the local and international market through its General Sales Agency services.  Centrecom has also worked with leading travel operators in providing support with bookings of accomodations, car hire, and excursions offering one complete holiday package to customers.

Accounting & Finance

Besides the contact centre services, Centrecom has assisted this industry with Know Your Customer (KYC) services, document management services, as well as billing and payroll services in line with the requirements of the industry.



Government Entities

As of 2010, Centrecom has worked with some of the Government's most sought Public Sector entities and authorities, providing contact centre and back office services with the aim of consolidating services across the different entities to provide a first contact resolution service of the highest quality. 


Our contact centre services have supported small and big e-Commerce companies looking for immediate and efficient 24/7 support to their customers in multiple languages.


Centrecom has supported companies within this booming industry through the provision of customer support services, particularly through online channels such as chat and social media providing customers support 24 hrs 7 days a week. Moreover, Centrecom has also worked with iGaming companies on short-term projects to carry out outbound calls and successfully re-engage customers to reactivate their online accounts.

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