The difference between good and excellent: details!” – UNKNOWN. Have we stopped to consider the details in our customer’s experience? When was the last time you put yourself in the customer’s shoes? Did you know that a customer’s experience can break you or define you?


While one can identify five (5) main criteria that make a Customer Value Preposition, there are three (3) components that one must keep in mind to gauge a Customer’s Experience, and these are:


  1. Emotional –How did the customer feel?
  2. Functional – Does the customer get what s/he is after out of the product/service?
  3. Accessible – How easily available is my product/service?

In building a Customer-Centric journey, we have identified that a company must map the Customer Journey, understand the Customer Value, and now we are saying gauge the Customer Experience.  However, an important rule that any company that wants to be Customer Centric must follow, is the RULE OF CONSISTENCY.


Building a Customer Centric strategy requires a continuous desire to improve things, consistent efforts to understand and evaluate the customer’s role, and ultimately the determination to deliver a consistent customer experience.  These are the five (5) traits that are required to deliver a consistent customer experience:


  • AWARENESS – be aware of the customer’s role and value to your product/service
  • OPEN – be open to challenges, questions that may arise
  • REVIEW – be ready to review processes and analyse feedback received
  • COMMUNICATE – follow up on feedback and relay back any changes as a result of
  • SERVICE/REPAIR – build on the rapport you have with your customers, admit fault where there is fault, and encourage customer loyalty and engagement.

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