While most people associate the month of May with all things spring related, May is also known as the national month dedicated to physical fitness and sports or better yet as 'Global Employee Health and Fitness Month'.


The aim of this is to promote physical activity and the benefits that come with sports participation. 


Physical activity is key to maintaining a healthy well-being. Getting active can improve fitness and reduce stress, reduce risk for many chronic diseases, and ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. 


But how can you remain physically fit when you work a desk job? 

Well, apart from exercising before or after work or on weekends, here are some things you can do while at the office that are subtle enough that they will not annoy your co-workers:


  • Walk it

Okay, maybe not the entire way, especially if you live quite far from the office. However, you can park your car a kilometre away and walk it to and from the office. This would add up to you walking two kilometres five days a week, making that ten kilometres in total! 


  • Stretches 

Busy day? Don't have time to walk around? Then do some of these simple stretches at your desk in between writing emails or answering calls. 


  • Walk some more

While we are on the subject of walking, let us discuss how you can get some steps during office hours.  

You don’t have to stop working just because you’re moving. Walking meetings are a great opportunity to move, enjoy the outdoors. 

As an added benefit, moving together boosts team cohesiveness which also has a positive effect on team building.

We at Centrecom understand the importance of keeping fit while at work, which is why we organised random fitness activities designed to keep our employees fit while also providing fresh fruits for all our staff!

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