You don’t build a business, you build PEOPLE, and then people build the business – Zig Ziglar. What can companies do to make employees STAY?

In a previous article on Employee Engagement we noted that the second key driver to engage employees is determined by factors that make employees STAY with the Company.  But what are the top 10 reasons why employees STAY?  Let’s have a quick look:

  1. Belief in the Company vision and goals
  2. Inspired to work smarter and not necessarily harder
  3. A satisfactory working environment
  4. Good relationship with peers, colleagues and management
  5. Opportunities for Career progression
  6. good salary
  7. learning and development programs and initiatives
  8. being appreciated and valued for their work
  9. recognition for achievements and good incentives
  10. Feeling of belonging in a community which encourages open communication, and empowerment.

In a BPO working environment, keeping attrition to the minimal is key to ensuring business continuity.  That is why ensuring we engage our employees to STAY is very important for us.  Here’s why our employees STAY:

Meet Kris:

  • Age: 35 years old

  • Working with Centrecom for 11 years

  • Current Role: Revenue Accounting Coordinator

Meet Nadia:

  • Age: 29 years old

  • Working with Centrecom for 2+ years

  • Current Role: Team Leader

Meet Petra:

  • Age: 31 years old

  • Working with Centrecom for 7 years

  • Current Role: Quality Assurance Coach

How has Centrecom helped you grow?

  • Kris says “I started out as a data inputting clerk and over the years the company has given me confidence and supported me in learning more. Little by little I move from data inputting to gaining more technical knowledge, which ultimately has placed me in the leadership position I am in today.”
  • Nadia says “I started working as an agent and in the first 6 months the company saw potential in me and cross-trained me on other areas. While I was never afraid of taking on new challenges, Centrecom pushed me to always better myself, so when an opportunity approaches, I can seize it with confidence. Working at Centrecom made me realize that success is undoubtedly the result of dedication, persistence and hard work.”
  • Petra says “I started off as CSA on one project, and over time the company entrusted me and trained me on three (3) more projects. Learning a new project is always challenging but the company has surely made me believe that I have more potential that I have ever imagined. This has helped me believe in myself and take up challenges that came across throughout the years. Working at Centrecom is certainly a learning curve and has expanded my knowledge and skills in so many ways.


What do you enjoy about your job?

  • Kris says “I think that the what makes work enjoyable is that every day you learn something new, and even though it gets busy, the company always has things going on to keep us motivated.”
  • Nadia says “From coaching the agents and providing them with feedback, to managing the floor and dealing with challenging situations, my job is a journey. I love my job as a Team Leader as it is in constant flux and there’s never a dull moment. I take pride in my work at all times and through the delegation of tasks I am seeing more agents performing well. It is encouraging and rewarding for me seeing our agents taking the lead. I love to be surrounded by the doers.”
  • Petra says “today as a Quality Assurance Coach, besides enjoying the fact that in my role I play a part of Centrecom’s reputation in delivering a high quality service, I love bringing out the best in our CSAs. Sometimes people do not know they have so much potential until someone guides them and helps them accordingly. I enjoy working closely with them so that together we can set goals and achieve great results.”


At the end of the day, what keeps you at Centrecom?

  • Kris says “besides the fact that today work is just a couple of minutes away from home, the most important factor which keeps me here every day for the past 11 years has been the respect that exists between peers, colleagues from other sections, and management.”
  • Nadia says “A whole lot of things but mainly our work ethos and the incredible people that I work with.”
  • Petra says “Centrecom is my second family. It is hard to find another workplace with such a beautiful working environment. It is not just the new premises and the many facilities which make it beautiful but the people are amazing and we are one great team. I will always cherish the support I found from my colleagues and management at Centrecom in both the good and bad times that I have been here – and all this is what makes ME stay.”

Are you looking to join Kris, Nadia and Petra and become part of our family? Get in touch with our HR team:

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