“Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value” – Albert Einstein.

Over the past weeks we have looked at Employee Engagement and at two key drivers in gauging this, namely SAY and STAY factors. When it comes to defining and gauging Strive, one must look at what Employees need to focus their energy and effort towards achieving exceptional performance.

While having employees do their job can be relatively easy, getting the employees to go the extra mile is not always as easy. This entails focusing on the employees’ performance, setting clear objectives, supporting them to achieve higher goals, and providing useful feedback that is v highly important for employees to strive. Research has shown that employees that feel they are more than just a number, are more likely to give extra effort. Let’s have a look at what makes Centrecom Employee Strive?

Meet Josephine:

  • Age: 27 years old
  • Working with Centrecom for 7 years.
  • Current Role: Quality Assurance Coordinator

Meet Joshua:

  • Age: 30 years old
  • Working with Centrecom for 5 years.
  • Current Role: Team Leader

Meet Leanne:

  • Age: 27 years old
  • Working with Centrecom for 2+ years.
  • Current Role: Customer Service Agent in a Development Role

How does the company recognize your work?

  • Josephine says “I started out as an agent, and eventually took on a Team Leader role within the Customer Support section, but as of two years ago, I moved into another section within the same Company. I have always felt that Centrecom appreciates me, acknowledges my work, and helps me achieve my goals. ”
  • Joshua says “My work is appreciated, and we are given praise where due, and rewarded for our performance.”
  • Leanne says “I know that the management and team leaders appreciate my work and praise me whenever I am productive.”

How has Centrecom helped you in doing your job?

  • Josephine says “Whether as an agent, a leader, or today as part of the Company’s support units, Centrecom has always encouraged me to grow, giving me the necessary support and knowledge to develop and improve. Very recently the Company has sponsored me in achieving a Diploma in ‘Train the Trainer’ after working hours from the comfort of the same workplace.”
  • Joshua says “I have achieved targets that I did not think I would achieve – all because the company has supported me and helped me mature both personally and professionally.”
  • Leanne says “I started off as an agent, and with the help of my leaders’ guidance and support, I feel that I have reached another level in my career.”

Does the company communicate effectively?

  • Josephine says “The Company is not only receptive to feedback, but also maintains a two-way channel with all employees. The Management team is always there to listen to my feedback and regular meetings are held with my peers to outline areas of strength and provide the necessary support to address areas for improvement.”
  • Joshua says “The Company tries its best to both listen to its employees and provide feedback to them. Something that the company does is coffee with the General Manager where the company’s GM invites employees individually to sit down with him and discuss about anything. This is not something you see often in companies.”
  • Leanne says “The management and leaders are always ready to listen, and do their best to support.”

At the end of the day, what keeps you going at your job?

  • Josephine says “I consider Centrecom my second home. The people working here have become part of my family and being presented with such a family-oriented working environment motivates me to keep on working here and to continue to grow.”
  • Joshua says “At the moment I cannot imagine myself working anywhere else. When I look around, I do not see colleagues I see my second family.”
  • Leanne says “Definitely it is the working environment, the support I receive from my leaders, and the passion I have for the project I work on.”

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