Taking the plunge, working after becoming a Mother

Once toddlers start gaining independence, some mothers may consider going back to work. This does not only offer financial support but can also prove to be a good opportunity to regain talents and develop new skills in the workplace.


Let’s face it, giving birth is one of the most overwhelming experiences a woman can face. Leaving hospital with your new baby is only the beginning of numerous sleepless nights, but also a life of enriching moments as you watch your child grow.


As children grow older and are able to stand on their own two feet, it may be the perfect opportunity for you to look into getting back into the workforce.


Life outside the home

Most women within Centrecom claim that their new job allows them to reignite and gain new skills, meet individuals from different walks of life and create new friendships.


Additional income

Have you been considering a special trip for all the family, or looking to treat yourself to some new clothes? Most mothers feel guilty about spending money on their selves, yet with a new part-time job, treating yourself and your family may be easier.


Smarter and more independent children

Children with working mothers turn out to be more independent as they now need to learn to do certain tasks more independently. They also learn to value the role you play at home even more.


Inspiring your children

Having your children see you multi-task can be the biggest inspiration to help them in building an ambitious future and understand that hard work is what is needed to succeed in life.


Centrecom currently has a number of vacant positions for mothers looking for part-time positions, which include Call Centre Agents as well as Back Office administrators. We would like to hear from you, send us a CV to recruitment@centrecom.eu.

info@centrecom.eu (Sales) or recruitment@centrecom.eu (Recruitment)

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