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Case Study

Providing GSA Services for a niche market

Representation for an airline that operates seasonal flights only.

Centrecom, through its specialised team at Aviation Online handles the representation of an airline in Malta which operates seasonally online only throughout summer.

With their skills in airline representation, our team has been able to sell large groups of the airline’s flights continuously since the start of the partnership back in 2015, and this has been achieved through the consistent research and business development done by the team.

In Malta, as well as in Serbia, two common sports which are extremely popular are Football and Waterpolo. In view of this, our team ensures to contact all the local clubs of both sports and sells exchange groups, where local teams travel to Serbia to play and practice, and vice versa.  Moreover, we are in constant contact with the key tour operators.

In 2018 and 2019, Aviation Online has negotiated no less than 50 seats each week of the operation, and is in the process of negotiating bigger groups throughout 2020.

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