Case Study

Outsourcing reduced complaints to zero

The Client's Story.

The Client comes from the Tax and Finance Industry, and is the main regulating body in the market, servicing both individual customers, as well as companies and sole-traders.

What was missing?

The Client had an in-house call centre set-up, and with a year-on-year increase in the numbers of its customers. Doing it in-house service could never match the high quality level of service offered by providers who are specialised in this type of industry. Companies providing call centre service invest heavily in IT infrastructure and are continuously keeping abreast of technological developments in infrastructure and best practices in this field. Further to that, the client was facing a lack of availability and willingness of personnel from the mainstream general service to perform call centre agent duties and the more time passed, the more difficult this became.

The SOLUTION provided by Centrecom.

Centrecom provided many solutions, most of which contributed to the success story.  These were mainly:

  • Expertise in the Customer Service sector which ensures a very high quality level of service;
  • Business Continuity with Centrecom managing both the recruitment of the right personnel and removing the worries of staff shortages and attrition;
  • Performance and Workforce management that ensure that the deployment of personnel is monitored and managed according to work loads and performance;
  • Allowing the Client to focus on their product and service offering, rather than on the day-to-day running of the service, HR issues, etc;
  • Service levels and targets being consistently achieved while better future planning is made.


A success story to recommend.

What did the Assistant Director have to say:

"Our organisation managed an in-house call centre for a number of years which never reached the desired level of service expected of our customers. Ever since we partnered with Centrecom, the service has improved beyond recognition and nowadays we can boast of a very efficient and professional call centre service being offered to our customers. We can proudly say that the numerous complaints that used to reach our office on a daily basis have practically disappeared.  Centrecom are continuously updating and upgrading their infrastructure to meet new demands and the ever increasing expectations of our customers.

Centrecom’s professionalism and expertise in delivering an excellent service has helped to improve our organisation's corporate image and we have become an example for others who have followed suit.  Since 2012 we have built a very healthy business relationship with Centrecom and this partnership has continued to develop whereby an ongoing discussion is being maintained on further improvements to the service being offered."

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