Case Study

Starting from a start-up set up to building a strong CS team

The Client's Story.

The Client was an established brand that had its entire in-house setup based in the UK and wanted to explore the possibility and benefits of having the Operational setup moved to Malta.

Considering all risks with Outsourcing.

Although the benefits of establishing an office in the beautiful sunny Island of Malta were very enticing, the Client was hesistant about the risks that came with Outsourcing the Customer Support and Operational function of the business to an external party. Not only was the business relatively new, but the Client wanted to extend its market in countries requiring Russian speaking Customer Service Agents. There was no data on the customer trends, on how busy the operation would be, how effective outsourcing would turn out to be, and more so, the issue of trusting your brand with someone external. Therefore, the idea of expansion was away from home, and the Client was very cautious about outsourcing .

The SOLUTION provided by Centrecom.

We understand that each and every client is unique, both in terms of requirements, but also in terms of business operation. We completely understood the Client's considerations, and that is why we sat down and built a plan that was tailored to their requirements: an established company looking to extend its market reach in a new area, and doing so away from home. At Centrecom, we seek to build long-lasting relationships built on trust and loyalty. For the success of this project, it was crucial for us to have the Client's trust. What did we do:

  • We started with a pilot project for three (3) months only with two (2) Russian Speaking Agents;
  • We kept an open and transparent communication channel with the Client on a daily basis;
  • We analysed and discussed the customer trends and patterns alongside with the Client, giving the Client recommendations on how to improve the Customer Journey to be more effective in reaching the market.

The results?

  • After two (2) months, the Client was very happy with the quality of service, and the outcome, that we increased to three (3) agents.
  • The client wanted us to monitor their CS team back home.
  • Six (6) months down the line, the CS Team grew to include English and German-speaking agents.
  • After a year, the Malta team at Centrecom had a Customer Service team, as well as a VIP CS Team.

What did the Client have to say?.

"We initially just wanted to try the outsourcing thing out, and opted for a trial basis with just two agents, but Centrecom impressed us so much with their commitment that after only three months, we moved on to the third agent too. Their process was very much tailor-made for us and in only three months they created an Operations Manual for our Customer Support procedures, which we didn't have before. Moreover, their very efficient call centre technology gave us the ability to monitor agent utilisation and productivity even more effectively, while also auditing the quality of our customer service delivery.

Centrecom were so committed to our mission to grow the business that they helped us put in resource planning and business development. This led us to build a very trustworthy relationship with them and that is why after only one year, we outsourced our full CS Team and VIP Team.

The Centrecom Team is very quick to roll up their sleeves to keep our customers happy. They stuck together with us in both the easy days and the busy ones. For us, that is dedicated, loyal, and efficient customer service!"

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